Saturday, August 20, 2016

Locate Anything in Downtown Las Vegas in Three Words

That saxophone guy's spot is spicy.snow.pads. You knew saxophones had pads, right?
As we saw in the first part of this series, Find Anything in Las Vegas with Three Words, the Very Smart People at What3words have figured out a scheme where every 10 foot by 10 foot square on the planet can be addressed using just three common everyday ordinary words.

Yep, they are handing out co-ordinates faster than Scotty.

Some clicky-clicky mouse-hunting turned up all kinds of hilarious and ironic three word codes for various places in Downtown Las Vegas.

Well, I think they are hilarious - you may have to give me some latitude on that.

(See what I did there?)

Lets have a look around downtown and see what we can find.
I guess one should play the Don't Pass at craps at the El Cortez.
El Cortez craps advice.
What3words likes the entrance to the D.
Is it the one-way escalator into the casino that merits these co-ordinates?
If you gamble at the Four Queens, you had better be savvy. And not degenerate.
An apt description for any palooka-gambler.
We're talking about the corner entrance, in case there is any question about it!

Meanwhile, the Golden Nugget appeals to a different level of gambler.

This sounds like a great place to cool off with some hip people.
Topless pool? snow.crazy.bottom
You know those saddle bar seats at Binions?
Heck drink enough and more than your slimy seat will vanish.
Meanwhile at the Plaza...

The California, full of attractive Hawaiians.
Main Street Station
I'm playing dimes next time at MSS!
The pool on top of Binions.
What better words for a drink by the pool? jars.seats.lazy..
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