Sunday, August 14, 2016

Find Anything in Las Vegas with Three Words

Welcome to Fabulous Suffer Finds Awards Nevada doesn't seem to have much of a ring to it. In fact, it reads like something off of my last game of Bad Platitudes With Friends.

Some Very Smart People at What3words who no doubt employ a garage full of other Very Smart People have come up with a totally new way of addressing any spot on the planet using just three everyday words.

Basically, they drew a grid everywhere around the whole wide world with some extremely large Sharpies, splitting everything as far as the eye can see and then some up into 3 meter by 3 meter boxes. That's about 10' by 10' in case you are metric-ally challenged.

And each and every one of these squares has its very own absolutely unique three word address - including the 10 foot square grid box you are sitting in at this very mo'.

Why does this matter? Well, if you've ever tried to meet up with anyone anywhere anytime in your life - it matters big time. (Plus, as we'll see, it can be a pantload of fun!)

Ever try to describe a particular place in a casino to someone, or an exit door of a place that has one address, but many exit doors? Hell, ever try to remember an address? What3words makes it easy to specify an exact spot to use as a meeting place. You can relate it easily, and it's much easier for our poor old brainoes to process. Because Words not Numbers.

"Hey, I'm at the corner of Tropicana and the Strip," you might say.

"Whoa there generality-boi, where exactly?" I might say.

"On the escalator," you might say. "The one that never works."

"That's ALL of them," I might say, getting frustrated and looking around.

Wouldn't it be easier to say, "Hey, I'm at pose liver safely."???

(I might say, "Great advice, but where are you???")

Las Vegas did not escape the Big Sharpie treatment, and it turns out that there are some very apt What3words locations to be found, starting with the mascot of everything Fabulous and everything Las Vegas - The Sign.
The Sign - suffer.finds.awards
Let's look at a bunch of other locations and see what we can find. After all, making merry at technology's expense is the purpose of this article.

First stop, Bellagio.
Finally, the Bellagio Fountains are of some use to somebody.
The wave pool at Mandalay Bay has an interesting 10' by 10' spot, aptly named no doubt for the cold water.
Gimme a double local melon vocal please.
Something seems amiss at the Excalibur Fun Dungeon.

The original lion outside the MGM Grand was deemed to be bad luck by superstitious Asian gamblers, because you had to walk under it and it seemed like the casino was eating you alive. (Actually, it was. And is.)

The replacement... is oh so much luckier and the proof is in the three words!

What is it that makes Aria so special?
Aria is busting open with broad rated glitz. At least, the fountain thingy is.
Some of you may have experienced this issue at the Cosmopolitan.
Me badly forget limit and go on tilt. Me still have rolled back cuffs and shiny shoes though.
Caesars had some 'spot on' three word addresses. (See what I did there?)
Narrow zealous empire. Followed by a lusty Roman laugh, no doubt.
It's kind of hard to tell that this is at the Flamingo, but the sentiment is obvious.

This is Carnival Court, or should I say Cougar Court?
hooks darker bags - this seems apropos but I wish it had just said 'hooker'. Maybe I have to keep looking for better squares.
Venetian. Water. Gondolas. Bridges and water. Get it?

The main entrance at Wynn admits just the sort of people through this grid square that Steve loves to have on property.

Maybe this what was wrong with the Riviera...

The moist pink fun-tent that is Circus Circus.

The Fontainbleu may be unfinished, but it has its very own grid squards with three word addresses too - some of them very fitting.
Fontainbleu - abandoned. Sides glass weedy says it all.
Nobody likes a rude, unruly, disrespectful icon! Bad icon, BAD!!!

I'm not sure how (or if) the three word system works within tall (and very tall) buildings. But I did manage to find an interesting one for the Stratosphere.

What3words is not only a geo-barrel of laffs, it's a damn useful tool. Check out their website, and download the app for your device - you'll really want this as an on-the-go tool, so the app is de rigeur.

That means that the app is rigor, duh. Or I could have just said 'a must have'.

It's fun to play around with. I'm sure you'll start by finding out with dismay that you live in llama.dumping.playground or secondary.airplane.torture or some ridic thing.

And its also fun to try out words and see what the location is. exists!!! (It's in Philly.)

Sadly, this site has been left out of the grid sweepstakes.
That's okay though, there are 57 trillion other places to find.

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