Monday, June 22, 2015

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, Nevada

As part of my What Goes Around Spins Around Las Vegas Trip Report, I covered my trip to the fabulous Spring Mountain Ranch State Park.

It's a wonderful getaway, and an easy drive from the Las Vegas strip - its just 15 miles west of town. Winning at the tables? Take a getaway and keep from giving it back. Losing at the tables? Take a break from losing!

I greatly enjoyed hiking on the trails around the Ranch, and learning about its history. Here's a pictorial view of my day.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Las Vegas Springs Preserve

The site of the very beginnings of modern Las Vegas can still be visited. Las Vegas Springs Preserve is a 180 acre refuge from modern big-city Las Vegas and harkens back to a time when freshwater springs bubbled up in the valley, fed from rainfall far off in the mountains which traveled through the porous rock, and created a green oasis in the desert basin.

This oasis gave the city its name, Las Vegas, meaning The Meadows in Spanish.