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Golden Nugget Las Vegas Bargains - 2019 Edition

There are bargains to be had at the Golden Nugget? Yes!

If downtown Las Vegas is the mother's milk of traditional casino gambling, then the Golden Nugget is the cream of that milk. And getting things for cheaperer at the Golden Nugget is the creme de la creme of that cream of that downtown mother's milk.

And this updated article that will tell you how to get those Nuggety bargains is the pat of fat-ass silky smooth creamery butter of the creme de la creme de la downtown milk etc. etc. etc.

It's pretty much undisputed that the Smug Nugget is by far the swankiest, classiest, highest quality casino hotel downtown (for now... I'm lookin' at you Circa).

In terms of digs, there are probably a few downtown suites here and there that come close, such as the top offerings in the new section of the tiny Golden Gate. But when you compare the whole package, the Nugget is the undisputed heavyweight champion of the gold-encrusted almost retired middle-aged Mom and Dad set.

Landry's has done an admirable job of improving the place since they purchased it, with endless rounds of redecorating, new restaurants, shows, and a top-quality pool scene.

When you are the sexiest dame at the ball, though, you can take some liberties. Patrons pay for those endless rounds of redecorating with scaled down gutted video poker paytables compared to other downtown properties, and slots that seem tighter than Kenny Blankenship's Hide-out Pool Speedo.

And, along with the solid food offerings the Nugget flaunts, you'll find higher prices than is typical downtown.

But don't despair! When you are a degenerate gambler like me, you search until you find the cheap savvy loopholes that will save you a few bucks. And those few bucks can be used for desperation Keno tickets that have a miniscule chance of bringing you the riches you so definitely deserve.

Here are some ways you can turn the high flying Golden Nugget Las Vegas into a casino bargain basement!

Get a Landry's Select Club Card

The fine folks at Landry's own a bunch of restaurants. They also own the Golden Nugget and they also own a bunch of restaurants within the Golden Nugget.

The Landry's Select Club card does a bunch of things for you that make it a no-brainer must have.

First of all, be aware that the Landry's Select Club card costs $25. Boooo.

Also be aware that, upon joining, you get a $25 welcome reward. Yay!

You've already broken even! The house edge on this thing is 0%!!!

There's no annual fee, and you get a $25 reward every year in your birthday month. Now you're up $25 on the card! What's not to like?

Join the club by signing up online and paying $25. When your card arrives in the mail, it'll have a $25 Welcome Reward loaded on it.

You can also join right at a Landry's restaurant. Pony up the $25 and have it put on your restaurant bill, then register your card online. Again, you'll get the Welcome Reward.

Like all wonderful rewards card systems, when you use the card when buying food, you earn wonder-points. And you can use those wonderful points for wonderful rewards. Like more wonderful food.

You earn a point for every dollar spent, and 250 points can be cashed for a $25 reward.

Spend $250, get $25 back? That's a juicy 10% rebate, people

Like all such things, there is an app you can use instead of a physical card. Sometimes there are bonuses for making and completing reservations through the app. As of this writing, that means extra points for you.

We've also seen promos like free dessert and the like at various times, so it pays to pay attention.

Make sure you get set up with a card well before your next Nugget stay. If you forget your card, don't sweat it. The fine people at fine Landry's restaurants can look up your Club number using the phone number you registered with.

The only downside of the system is that the points you earn expire after one year. I hate it when points programs pilfer previously procured privileges. Profoundly.

Landry's Select Club Golden Nugget Benefits

Seein' as the Landry's people also own the Golden Nugget, it makes sense that there are some crossover benefits to be had.

For example, apparently you can save 10% on the 'best available rates' at the Nugget, or other Landry's hotels. Does this really mean that there would be no cheaper rate anywhere? You'll have to do some research and see.

There's another level called the President's Club for extreme gluttons. How do you get in this exclusive club? Spend $7,500 at Landry's restaurants in a year. And visit at least three times.

Besides the sweet $100 birthday reward you get, membership in the President's Club unlocks all kinds of benefits at the Golden Nugget.

It's unlikely that you or I will ever be a President, but here's the list anyway:
  • Room upgrade
  • VIP Check-In
  • Free In-Room Coffee
  • Free internet and spa pass.
  • VIP Show ticket upgrade
You also get priority seating at the restaurants, etc, etc, sure to be valuable at the Chick-fil-A. (Except that Chick-fil-A is not a Landry's restaurant, so get back in line with everyone else.)

The room upgrade benefit used to apply to the basic membership, but sadly, that benefit is a thing of the past.

Get Discounted Room Offers

There's two ways (at least) to go about this if you don't play enough to get offers through the 24K Club (the Nugget's players club).

Go to the Nugget website and click on Deals.

Did you click on any of these thinking they were deals? No. They are just a screenshot of deals. Smarten up!
How easy was that?!

The second easy way is to sign up for email offers on the handy Sign Up For Deals page. Simply fill out the form, giving up all of your vital personal information, and they'll slide some sweet offers into your email.

Pro Captcha tip: You are not a robot.

There is a third way of getting deals that we can talk about here - but it's a little more difficult. Sign up for the 24K Club. You have to do this in person.

That's not a bad thing - Flushiepants doesn't recommend signing up for slot clubs online. There are almost always sign-up promotions that you do not want to miss out on.

So what if you are a 24K Club member? Log in and check your offers from time to time. You never know when you might get discounted rooms, a chance to earn Free Cordless Vacuum (that's an offer that sucks - heh heh), or comped room nights (notwithstanding resort fee and tax on the resort fee and cordless vacuum storage fee).

I haven't played or stayed at the Nugget in quite some time - long enough that my points count and tier credits have been zeroed.

But look - just look - at the offers coming my way, including three comped nights. With resort fee tacked on that's about $35 a night or so - a great deal in any city, let alone Fab LV.

Now that you've learned how to get discounted room rates, what are you going to eat for cheap while you're there?

The Rush Tower elevator lobby goodies as of 2015. Not sure if they still offer them or not.

Find out in Golden Nugget Restaurant Bargains - 2019 Edition.

Updated October 2019

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