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Golden Nugget Las Vegas Bargains


Updated for 2016

There are bargains to be had at the Golden Nugget? Yes!

If downtown Las Vegas is the mother's milk of traditional casino gambling, then the Golden Nugget is the cream of that milk. And getting things for cheaperer at the Golden Nugget is the creme de la creme of that cream of that downtown mother's milk.

And this article that will tell you how to get those Nuggety bargains is the pat of fat-ass silky smooth creamery butter of the creme de la creme de la downtown milk etc. etc. etc.

It's pretty much undisputed that the Smug Nugget is by far the swankiest, classiest, highest quality casino hotel downtown. In terms of digs, there are probably a few suites here and there that come close, such as the top offerings in the new section of the tiny Golden Gate. But when you compare the whole package, the Nugget is the undisputed heavyweight champion of the gold-encrusted almost retired middle-aged Mom and Dad set.

Landry's has done an admirable job of improving the place since they purchased it, with endless rounds of redecorating, new restaurants, shows, and a top-quality pool scene.

When you are the sexiest dame at the ball, though, you can take some liberties. Patrons pay for those endless rounds of redecorating with scaled down video poker paytables compared to other downtown properties, and slots that seem tighter than Kenny Blankenship's Hide-out Pool Speedo.

And, along with the solid food offerings the Nugget flaunts, come higher prices than you will typically find downtown.

But don't despair! When you are a degenerate gambler like me, you search until you find the cheap savvy loopholes that will save you a few bucks that you can then use for those desperation Keno tickets that have a miniscule chance of bringing you the riches you so definitely deserve.

Here are some ways you can turn the Golden Nugget into a casino bargain basement!

Get a Landry's Select Club Card

The fine folks at Landry's own a bunch of restaurants. They also own the Golden Nugget and they also own a bunch of restaurants within the Golden Nugget.

The Landry's Select Club card does a bunch of things for you that make it a no-brainer.

First of all, the card costs $25. Boo. And, upon joining, you get a $25 welcome reward. Yay! You've already broken even. The house edge on this thing is 0%!!! There's no annual fee, and get a $25 credit for your birthday every year. What's not to like?

Like all wonderful rewards card systems, when you use the card when buying food, you earn wonder-points. And you can use those wonderful points for wonderful rewards. Like more wonderful food.

Even better, though, when you book a room at the Nugget through their website, you can use the Magical Wonderful Card to get a free room upgrade. Just flash the card at check-in, and say goodbye to the Carson Tower.

Make sure you get set up with a card well before your next Nugget stay.

The only downside of the system is that the points you earn expire. I hate it when points programs pilfer previously procured privileges. Profoundly.

$8 Pizza Happy Hour at Grotto

Grotto serves up classic southern Italian fare. It's beautifully decorated and features poolside tables, if you want to gaze upon slow-roasted thighs while enjoying your 'zuppa'. Maybe it would be better to focus on the shark tank.
Slow-roasted thighs, calves and backs. And wings. Try to find the bikini instead.
Typical entrees and pizzas are in the $15 to $20 range, but if you are willing to jump through a few happy hoops, you can get a great deal on a pizza. Just sit at the bar, Monday through Friday, between two p.m. and six p.m., wearing a red carnation and a wetsuit whilst reciting Chaucer, and you - yes you! - qualify for a pizza pie for just EIGHT BUCKS. That, my friends, is one hell of a deal on a two-dimensional circular cheese-covered feel-good disk.

And its always good advice to sit at a bar for four hours every weekday.

Update - I recently did a stint at the bar of the Grotto and did indeed eat a happy hour priced pizza. It was definitely worth it!

You can read all about it in The Gymnastic Pyro-Magic of The Flying Family Pucker on Royal Flusher Vegas.
Grotto Happy Hour Pizza. Nice thin crunchy/chewy crust, great sauce, good looking neighbors.

The Cadillac of Taco Take Out Deals

Take a look at this excerpt from the Cadillac Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar (formerly the Cadillac Mexican Eat-in Kitchen Open Concept Living/Dining Close to Schools Shopping & Tequila Bar).

Observe the delicious names of the sultry south-of-the-border mouth-treats that you could enjoy for the likes of $8.99 or $9.99.

Now look at an excerpt from the Cadillac's To-Go menu.

If you use the to-go menu, you can get Blackened Shrimp Tacos for $6.99 instead of $9.99 for the eat-in price. Or Tejas Carnitas Tacos for $5.99 instead of $8.99. Add in the tax and you are looking at savings of over 30%. Not to mention the $1.38 massive tip you were probably going to leave if you ate in. Because frugal.

There are probably some other take-out bargains to be had by comparing the menus. I'll leave that treasure hunt to you. After all, you need to spend more time on the internet, right?

Admittedly, with take-out, you do give up a few things such as service, hot food, cutlery, and perhaps just a little bit of class. But when I need a break from the casino, and I'm staying at the Nugget, I know that some of those hot tacos are going to be coming up to my room with me like the spicy slut corn-wrapped hotties that they are. Get out of your bags and hand Royal Flusher Daddy the sloppy guacamole, you discount tacos you!

Vic & Anthony's $50 $52 Distinctive Dining Deal

Feeling like something a little more classy after sending your take-out taco-time friends home in a beat-up cab on a dark rainy street at three in the morning?

Here's a deal you will love. The Golden Nugget's high-end steakhouse experience and meat emporium, Vic & Anthony's, has a prix fixe deal that might just hit the spot without crashing the wallet.

It's linked from the Distinctive Dining page on their website. Basically, you click the link for the PDF menu and print it out.

I have no idea why they want you to jump through the flaming printing hoops in today's "I never look at anything but screens" society, but that's what the rules say. Perhaps they would let you show an image of the menu on your piPhone 3.14 but that remains to be determined. So to be safe, take in a printout.

Update Aug 2016

The D.D.D. has been updated to reflect current pricing, dining trends, and demographic hairstyles. Here are the details:

The Beefsteak and Onion salad and the Iceberg Wedge Salad have been combined in Vic & Anthony's transporter into a gruesome monster-like single entity called the Caesar Salad.

The dish formerly known as the Shrimp Scampi Bucatini has been renamed to a crustaceous symbol. Or for you less prince-like people, plain ole Shrimp Scampi. Well that's just great. What happened to the Bucatini??? Are we not worthy of Bucatini???

The sides have been totally revamped, except for our favorite, the Cheesey Au Gratin Potatoes With Cheese De La Fromage. Gone are the tawdry, worn, and slutty Haricot Vert and Creamed Spinach, which was never classy enough to rate a French name. In and available like a 5:00am 'friend' at the video poker bar are Broccoli, Onion Strings, and Creamed Corn. I guess the Onion Strings are there in case you like your dining rough.

Fortunately, all of our desserty favorites remain, including the Chocolate Mousse and Squirrel, darlink.

For $49.95 $52 you get a choice of appetizer, main with choice of side, and dessert. This is an excellent deal. A distinctive excellent dining deal, in fact.

For example, you could cobble together the following meal for $52:

Lobster bisque, 8oz filet mignon, cheesey au gratin potatoes with cheese de la fromage, and creme brulee for dessert.

On the main dinner menu an 8oz filet is $41 $44 and the potatoes au cheese du gratin du fromage are $10 $11. Maybe that's a bit much for a cheesy subago but c'mon, you're over the top already, dining distinctively all over the place, saving big-time, and you haven't even started slurping your bisque yet, and your creme brulee is still just a gleam in your randy server's eye.

A picture of a t-bone steak courtesy of This isn't part of the D.D.D. but damn is it a nice meat photo.
The Distinctive Dining Deal is still a pretty good deal in 2016, considering that it only went up a couple of bucks, and everything on the V&A menu went up a buck or two.
Image from Which distinctive empty table will  YOU be dealing to dine at tonight for $52?!

Keep Those Deals Coming!

With these tips, you can enjoy the upscale atmosphere of the Golden Nugget at a downscale price. What other Nugget bargain basement bargains can you find? Let me know, and enjoy your bisque!

This website not responsible for anything bar stool related that happened between 2pm and 6pm weekdays.

Have more Nugget bargain tips I should know about? Drop me a line and I'll share it!

Here's one from knagl at the friendly and informative Las Vegas Advice forums:
"Okay, one more. Sign up for their e-mail list on their website. They send out messages roughly monthly with discounted room offers."

Here's the link to sign up. Thanks, knagl!

Sunday April 12/2015

Updates from the friendly folks at Vegas Message Board.

Chart House has a happy hour too! Here's the happy hour menu. They've got all kinds of nibblies from $5 to $8, and drink specials starting at $3 for bottled beer. Tell you what, I'd be all about the $5 Truffle Skinny Fries & Friends, or the $8 Prime Rib Sliders and a $6 Mango Mojito. Or maybe a bunch of $4 shots of Skyy.

Thanks alanleroy (who writes a pretty mean trip report himself) for the Chart House tip.

More from stevenotstu (can you say $2 Sake Bomb???!!!!)

"They have good happy hour deals at both the Chart House and Red Sushi.
If you can, get a coupon book that has a couple 2 for 1 buffet coupons (which I found out will get even a solo diner a discount). Coupon book also has a couple free beer or drink coupons at their casino bars.... Since they now charge a resort fee, they have free newspapers by the elevators and wifi is included in fee. What the fee covers is in your check in packet with your room keys. Valet parking is free (before tip of course)."

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