Welcome to Royal Flusher World!

What the heck is Royal Flusher World?

And who is Royal Flusher?

Well, Royal Flusher is the yet to be award winning author of many degenerate savvy Las Vegas gambling trip reports.

You might have seen some of them on www.royalflushervegas.com.

In between Vegas trips, sometimes I have things I want to rant about, share, or poke fun at. Maybe its a fork-in-cheek restaurant review. Or maybe its just news of interest to my fellow Vegas addicts.

That stuff didn't really fit anywhere in the trip report blog, and it made the trip report posts harder to find.

Thus Royal Flusher World.

So, in summary, Royal Flusher World - it's that place in your internet house where you pile all the junk you couldn't fit into your living room.

Let's grab some chips, spin some reels, and press some buttons!

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