Sunday, August 28, 2016

Las Vegas License Plates We Need To Get

I have lived in Las Vegas for about a year and a half - one week or ten days at a time spread over the last 20 years or so.

Sometimes I imagine what it would be like to live in Sin City. I'm not sure I'd enjoy being surrounded by casinos, gambling, drinking, incredible amounts of excitement and fun, 24/7 escapism, awesome food, and unrivaled entertainment.

If I did, though, I would surely get a vanity license plate for my 1984 Toyota Tercel.

Now, you might think all the good ones are taken. Like this one that I spied on a recent trip report:

Not so.

There are crap-tons of sheet metal artistic license opportunities at the DVM, just waiting for a spot on your ride.

Now, the super obvious ones are gone. Like WINNER. And LOSER. But how about a little spelling finesse?
What other options are out there?

Well, there are some general Las Vegas and gambling options:

For the Keno player:
 For savvy gamblers who know how to work the system:
 And for the rest of us:
I was having fun checking out different license possibilities, because, yes, I have no life to speak of other than slamming out size 7 grommets at Royal Canadian Veeblefetzer.

Here's some fun ones featuring different plate designs, from the sillier side of Royal Flusher. (Note: I am a one-sided character.)

I was surprised to find that the Fremont Street Experience, also lovingly known as the FSE, has not snagged this one:
They mispelled 'STONE CUTTERS' on this one:
Of course, I had to check and see what plates were available for use by me, Sir Flushiepants. There were tons of great choices.

One of my favorite video poker games:
 Country-Throw-up Gravy to go!

This one is of pretty broad appeal in the valley, and I'm surprised nobody has registered it. Maybe it will still be there waiting for me if I ever move to Vegas.

Like this kind of vehicular tomfoolery? If you've read this far you probably do. Try out your own special personalized plate on Nevada Department of Motor Vehicle's Personalized License Plate Availability Search.


  1. NoRoyal is also still available.....would be my destiny

  2. Replies
    1. I saw it in Ontario on a bridge player's car.

  3. I've had vanity plates since 2005...a divorce in 2012 made me get my 2nd vanity plate. JUST changed to my FOREVER plate....very very special and a tribute to my FAVE Classic Rock band,,,,,,