Saturday, March 12, 2016

Thumbnail Sketch Las Vegas Trip Report Jan-Feb 2016

2016 Thumbnail Sketch Las Vegas Trip Report!!!

"As you know, I've blogged all of my trips to Las Vegas for a decent number of years now, some live, some after the fact, in incredible detail, uproarious vulgarity, and of marginal entertainment value.

Until now.

It just so happened that for Grommet Con 2016, I was again chosen to travel to Las Vegas to provide something called 'drayage' - also known as dumb mule labor. I arranged to have some remote grommet line monitoring work to do right after that, so I stayed on and worked remotely, unbeknownst to the Pesky Belgians and Crafty South Koreans who lovingly run Royal Canadian Veeblefetzer, where I mindlessly watch size 7 grommets firing off the production line like teeny tiny vulcanized donuts."

Thumbnail Sketch Trip Report on Royal Flusher Vegas

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