Friday, February 5, 2016

California Reno Insider - New Lobby Revealed

One of my Fellow Flushies out there has graced me with some really interesting information on the ongoing California Hotel and Casino renovation, and a sneak peak at the slick new lobby.

This information comes from a confab (or 'confab', in Vegas blogger talk) with a very high source in the Cal organization.

In other words, Lebby in the Lobby.

And without further verbal screwing around, here is the brand new Cal lobby, opening today.

Sleekness abounds in the factory fresh Cal Lobby, or 'Lobby' (in Vegas blogger-speak).

These pioneers are attempting to check in before they've even set up the bell desk phones and stuff.
The old temporary Bell Desk and Keno Lounge, with added Lobby Flavour. Comes with choice of soup.

My source was good enough to provide not only these great pics, but some other not so great pics of this and that, but more importantly, an exclusive inside scoop (or 'scoop') on some other big Cal renovation plans.
These people have been sitting here since the entire renovation started, waiting for the Sam's Town shuttle.

Shed a tear or two for the poor old temporary lobby and bell desk. Or maybe not.

Recently vacated. temp check in desk. For rent. Cheap.
Love the Cal Club snack bar? Live for the scintillating waft of greasy air that coats your glasses and tickles your nostrils with the hint of deep fried everything to come?

Kiss it goodbye, the Cal snackbar dies in another week.

Don't get your panties in a deep fried knot - word is that some of the Cal Club specialties will be served by the Market Street Cafe (or 'coffee shop' in Vegas blogger lingo, or 'lingo').
Eat 'em up boys, this train is sliding out of the Cal station next week.
There's more.

Big more.

The sports book, which is currently a little isolated on the second floor of the Cal, is going to be moved to the main casino floor.

Because, who cares about sports, right? Well, actually, most everybody with lots of dollars to gamble on them.

Could the sports book be moved to where the Cal Club is now? Apparently no. There are going to be slot machines there. Shocked!

And what will become of the space upstairs that the sports book now occupies? More banquet space. Those 90 year anniversary Honolulu high school reunion bookings are picking up.

One wonders how the Noodle House is doing with its somewhat restricted hours (closed two days a week, open for dinner only) but it might have new noodly life breathed into it, as it will open for lunches. I think the disco fries crowd from the snack bar will be headed here for some fancied up Korean tacos. Or maybe the coffee shop.

As if this weren't enough, there was even more more. Because apparently, big more weren't enough.

The Redwood Grille will undergo an expansion and makeover. Gone are those crows feet, new are the proudly pumped up size DD menu implants.

My Flushie source begged Mr. Lebby not to change the overall ambiance of the beloved Redwood. That seems inevitable. Let's hope they don't mess up what is a gem in the lumber-oriented casual fine dining oeuvre (or 'fancy word that nobody understands').

No mention was made of the very long bar that has been discussed on Vital Vegas, but that seems like it will probably come to pass. Because drinking.

Thanks once again to the savvy mobile Flushie who provided all this good information (or 'gen').

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  1. NO. NO. NO. Don't remodel the Redwood. It was perfect.