Saturday, December 8, 2018

Double Up on Video Poker

Here's kind of an interesting scenario.

Say you hit a nice quad on Double Double bonus, maybe Four Aces. And then you are faced with this screen:

Would you have the balls to go for it?

There's lots of reasons to do it, and lots of reasons not to. For one thing, you are risking 800 credits, but you aren't getting any points toward what could someday be a free buffet. And, basically you are looking at a 50/50 draw.

So maybe you decide to go for it.

Dealer card is a 5, you are looking pretty good... You pick your one card out of four that has to beat the dealer 5.

Which one is it gonna be?

Lucky you!!!! You've doubled up to 1600 credits.


Do you have the balls to go for it again?

I saw a scenario like this once in Caesars, except it was on a Royal. A little old lady, surrounded by family. She'd hit a Royal Flush and had already doubled it up once.

She was sitting, looking at the screen, debating what to do.

Her family was screaming, begging, pleading at her to cash out.

She was laughing her ass off.

I wish I had that kind of attitude. But I just don't. You had to love the moment though. Imagine having the balls to double up a $1000 Royal.

She cashed after the first double, by the way, a nice $2000 hit.

Just so you know, the screen images above are not from casino play. They are taken from the Royal Flusher Video Poker WinSimulator 3000 here in the Flusher Cave.

But the Granny at Caesars Palace doubling the Royal? That was real.

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