Sunday, July 31, 2016

Royal Flusher's $1000 Bankroll Las Vegas Scrouge Trip

What person in their right mind would do a 13 day trip to Las Vegas with a $1000 bankroll and $300 in expenses? Nobody.

But I'm not in my right mind and that's exactly what I set out to do. I also had the Quad Queen's credit card information, but that's not the point! My gambling bankroll was set at just $77 a day.
Is it even possible to have any fun on $77 a day? How many goodies can one person wring out of the comp system? How many of those buffet Philadelphia cream cheese tubes can I fit in my pants pocket without freezing my Liberty Bell off?

I put every cheap bastard savvy technique and coupon cutting cost saving scrounge I could think of into effect. I used hotel room and free play offers, credit card bonuses for car rentals, heck, I even found ways to save $8 a day in some hotels by bringing my own k-cups.

The trip took serious planning and careful execution. Did this mean I had to give up living the high life in Las Vegas? See for yourself.

I got to drive a car like this. Well not just a car like this, this actual car:

I slept in luxury, enjoying fine casino hotels like Luxor, T.I, the Golden Nugget, Tropicana, and of course, Mandalay Bay.

Here's how I planned this trip, getting a couple of thousand of dollars worth of comps and free play.

Planning the Las Vegas $1000 Scrounge Trip

And here's the Trip Report itself. Find out how I did it, did I do it, and did I go crazy doing it or did they do it to me.

Find out how I stayed in luxurious accommodations (the lobby), ate like a king (usually when someone bought me a meal), and lived the high life (for about 15 minutes a day) all for cheap.

Royal Flusher's $1000 Las Vegas Scrounge Trip

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