Thursday, June 30, 2016

The View From Las Vegas' High Roller

The High Roller, Las Vegas' huge ferris wheel, is a tourist attraction to be sure, complete with bar cars. But it can be much more than that, revealing the beauty of the Las Vegas valley as seen from on high.

It's a wheel dotted with observation platforms, and from a distance, looks simple. But this is deceptive. The wheel itself is 520 feet in diameter, massive, imposing - a feat of modern engineering.

The view at the top is from 550 feet high, and with the High Roller situated smack in the middle of the Las Vegas strip, great views of the carnival below are afforded.
The Pods are surprisingly roomy - and some of them have their own bars.
As you traverse one rotation, over the course of an hour, the views of Las Vegas change rapidly, and dramatically.

As you gain height, more of the natural beauty of the valley, the mountains, and the city is revealed.

Photos by Royal Flusher.

Read the dramatic story behind the dramatic pictures - on Royal Flusher Vegas. You won't believe how we got to here.
That moment you tell your cousins the Pod is falling.

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