Monday, March 16, 2015

Hand of the Day - All the Men's Kings

Today's hand of the day is all about King cards. Actually, there's more than one hand of the day, all based around that wonderful card which is really kin of mine, the all powerful Royal King card.

When playing video poker, you should always watch out for the Royal King card and often hold it. When you do get a single King, you could call the hand a Don King.

There's a couple of reasons why this hand is called a Don King. For one, it doesn't pay you anything.

And for another, take a closer look at the 'easter egg' exposed in this exclusive zoomed image of the King card graphics. Those cats at IGT are pretty subtle with their 'inside jokes'.

The ultra-secret special name for the second Royal Flusher hand of the day, comprising two King cards held and paid as a pair, also has a very subtle twist to its name.

I call this special two King card hand a "pair of Kings".

And now you can be a savvy insider and call it that too. (Never mind that the confusing label on the screen says Jacks or Better - that's a different blog post, obviously.)

Let's move right on to an even better hand. Obviously there's somewhat of a pattern here, and this next hand features three of the four available King cards in the standard video poker 52 card deck.

I call this special three King card hand "three Kings". Or more specifically, "the wee three Kings". You know, as in "wee three Kings of Orientar."

And finally, my favorite of the King card hands in video poker. It's always great when the Royal Flusher Video Poker WinSimulator 3000 coughs up this little number. It's even better when it happens live in the casino and you can yell really loudly, along with me now, "THAT'S FOUR-KING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!"

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